Prof. Alpha Tejan Wurie


Alpha Tejan Wurie attained status of Associate professor in chemistry for Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, IN 2012. He holds a PhD in chemistry from Brunel University of West London, a fellow of the royal society of chemistry and a chartered chemist.

Prof Alpha T. Wurie has an extensive university teaching experience in Sierra Leone and was a visiting research fellow, Greenwich University, UK.

In the medical field Prof. Wurie has contributed extensively to establish and strengthen laboratory systems to meet minimum standards.

He was nominated to serve as Minister of Health and sanitation in the new direction of the SLPP led government and mandated to rebuild the health system towards providing universal health coverage

He is a recipient of multiple awards both in politics and professional life. He is a member of the Oxford round table and national premier award, commander of the republic of Sierra Leone (CORSL) 2007.